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New Balance Classic ML574-Nubuck is most comfortable and durable sneakers out there to be purchased by all the people seeking to have a complete package. Running around is not a problem anymore with these fabulous sneakers which will take you so high that none of the other sneaker will attract you in front of them. Their suede upper offers great comfort and a perfect fit to the feet. To offer maximum ankle support padded collar has been built which offers sung and extremely comfortable fit which will never let you down. The interior is all lined with textile lining which is very soft and comfortable and offers an abrasion free environment to the feet by wicking away all the moisture and keeping them dry the whole time. For all day comfort and support cushy foot bed has provided which offers maximum cushiness to the feet. It has traditional lace up closure which offers a more secure fit. Their tongue is padded to offer maximum support and cushioning to the feet. You will adore the functionality of this shoe after wearing it. Its tongue also helps to reduce lace bruises. Eyelets are also present for quick fastening. Classic NB574 woven label on tongue and embroidered new balance details at rear both enhances the appeal of the sneaker and aid to its style. Its heel counter is of TPU which not only increases the stability of the shoe, but it also offers extra support to the feet. ENCAP mid sole technology makes the sneaker more durable and it also offers more support to the feet. The rubber outsole is very important as it offers maximum durability to the shoe and traction on all kinds of surfaces. It also offers long lasting wear. The Weight of this sneaker is 14 ounces. Available color: Navy



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MN NtrLvr from Minnesota

These shoes are insanely comfortable and wildly cute. period. Buy them. They don't make your feet look huge and sloppy like normal athletic shoes, yet have a great grippy sole and don't slip or get all wonky like a sandal. Breathable, flexible, hugs the foot in just the right places. The lavender is great, not too girly but still really cute and versatile. Hands down the best athletic shoe I have ever worn.

Colorado Weekend Warrior from Denver, CO

 This is my first pair of barefoot/minimalist shoes, and I just got them used from the REI Garage Sale this past weekend. I typically run 3.5-5 miles at a time, which is fairly comfortable for me. I've been researching these shoes for the last couple weeks, and pretty much every source recommends that new buyers take a week to get used to barefoot shoes by wearing them around the house, walking around, etc. I got a little overeager and took them out for a 3.5 mile run the day I got them. They felt great to run in - lightweight, easy on the knees, good traction, and it's pretty exhilarating to be able to feel so much more of the terrain that I was running on. I noticed my steps were much louder than with my regular running shoes, made a bit of a slapping noise. No big deal. I was expecting to fatigue faster in these shoes, but if anything I felt stronger. It wasn't until I was done and taking the shoes off that I noticed the INTENSE shaking/cramping in my calves. Now, 2 days later, my calves are so sore that I still can't walk normally. Regardless, I plan on taking them out for another spin tonight. Long story short: wonderful to run in. These shoes will change the way you run, and work muscles you forgot you had. This is exactly the game-changer I needed to make my running routine interesting and challenging again.

Averagejo from Southwest

I have 2 points to make, one of which hasn't yet been addressed: the shoe box advises purchasers to visit [@] for training/usage tips delivered through videos. Having joint problems, and having improperly been trained in high school track to initiate each stride with a heel strike, I found the videos helpful. Also, re: size, I ordered my street shoe size, which is 1 size smaller than my athletic shoe/hiking boot size. For my slightly wide feet, the street shoe size fits perfectly. By the way, [...] incorrectly told me that the front edge of the shoe should be a thumb's width from the edge of my big toe. Such shoe, 1/2 a size larger than the one I purchased, felt terrible on the soles and the top of my foot and caused foot fatigue right there in the store. Wearing an ultra-thin running sock, there is about 1/4" between my big toe and the front edge of the shoe I happily took home.


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