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Its time to change your ordinary taste and gives it a new twist of New Balance Classics WL501 which will offer more style and a voguish effect that drags the attention of every one. It will make your ordinary outfit shine. They are the best to be worn with casual jeans. If long walks or running is required or any difficult terrain is going to be a hurdle on your way then this is a must have sneaker which will protect your feet from all kinds of bumps and brutal rides. The exterior has made with a combination of nylon and suede which offers great breath ability that prevents the feet from getting sweaty and stinky. It creates a healthy environment around the feet which will help you to have a very comfortable ride. Its collar has been lightly padded that offers extreme cushioning to the back of the feet. Its tongue is also padded which not only helps to have a more secure fit but it also supports the lace closure. It protects the feet from lace bruises and makes the fastening more quick and easy. The lacing closure is there for an optimal fit. Its outsole is made up with very light rubber which offers lightness with every step you take. Its mid sole is build with EVA foam. It is made with contrasting colors which add more style and appeal to the design. It is a perfect sneaker for women because of the colors it is present in and also because they look feminine which many of the sneakers do not. Available color: Grey / Purple.



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Sam1784 from Newark, NJ

 I love these shoes. I read the reviews before I bought the shoe and someone mentioned that they were a size 8 shoe and had to go to a 7.5 size. I am also an 8 and bought the 8 anyway (duh), and it really is 1/2 size too big. This isn't a shoe you wear with a thick sock (if you wear socks at all) and the toe box is decently sized, so go 1/2 size smaller than your normal running shoe size. Also, I have a wide foot and the shoe does fit very well. I love these shoes though. I have explored many types of running shoes both heavy/durable and the "running barefoot experience" shoe. I've done the Nike Free and Saucony Kinivara for barefoot experience and these are the best of the three. The sole is very hard rubber and durable, but is still a very lightweight shoe. If you need a shoe with lots of support, this isn't it. It's a great close to the pavement but rocks, etc. don't hurt.

Monstergirl from OLYWA

 I LOVE these shoes! I am not an athlete of any sort, but these shoes are amazing. I tried the 5-Finger shoes but found them too weird on my toes and they hit a large scar on my achilles tendon wrong. These Merrell shoes are minimalist but, in my opinion, a vast improvement over the 5-Finger shoes. The Merrells are comfy, have a little shock absorption, and an arch. The Vibram soles look like they will do a great job keeping the bottom of my feet safe from sharp rocks and sticks on the trail. These shoes will also travel well, which is important to me. They will be tiny when packed and stylish enough (I have the black ones) to wear with jeans out for dinner. I like to wear them with thin low socks, but they look like they will work barefoot too. They were great in the gym. These shoes aren't as supportive as a regular shoe, so I'm hoping they will keep my ankles strong, rather than relying on shoes to keep me stable. These shoes have a wide toe area, allowing you to spread your toes out for maximum stability. As for sizing, do not order a size down. I wear an 8 to 8.5 normally. I ordered the 8.5 and it fits perfectly. I'm not saying they are really small, but if you are in-between sizes, you might want to consider buying the larger size.


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